Civic Service

Better public services by design

Founded in 2013 at the Parsons DESIS Lab, Civic Service is a bottom-up approach to embedding service design in government.

Civic Service promotes design in government by hosting events just for public servants, then collaborates with these internal champions to launch service design projects for their agencies.

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Designing for Financial Empowerment

Designing for Financial Empowerment is exploring how to improve public financial services for low-income New Yorkers by using a collaborative service design process.

Learn about the project here.

Futuring Workforce Development

Futuring Workforce Development explored how predictions about the workforce in 2040 could be used to design better workforce development services now.

Learn more about the project here.


New Ideas for Civic Life
Mary Rowe, Municipal Art Society
Bryan Boyer, Makeshift Society
Matthew Lister, Gehl Architects
Sarah Lidgus, Small City
Daniel Latorre, Wise City
Emily Weidenhof, NYC DOT
Talk | 2015

Civic Design Across Europe
Camilla Buchanan, UK Design Council
Talk | 2015

Resources for Entrepreneurial Civil Servants
NYC Civil Servants
Workshop | 2014

Civic Design Camp
Knight Foundation and Code for America
Conference | 2014

Designing for Behavior
Hefen Wong, Singapore Behavioral Insights and Design Unit
Talk | 2014

Design for Policymaking
Bryan Boyer, Helsinki Design Lab
Talk | 2014

Design for Policymaking
Christian Bason, MindLab
Talk | 2014

Mapping Services
Elliott Montgomery and Ben Winter, Parsons DESIS Lab
Workshop | 2014

Facilitating Innovation
Myles Lock, UN Foundation
Talk | 2014

Workspace Design
Sam Lyon, HOK Architects
Samantha Cioffi, US GSA
Workshop | 2014

Policy, Design and Intrapreneurship
Laura Wesley and Brian Enright, GCD Canada
Talk | 2014

Intro to NYC Government
Anthony Crowell, NY Law School
Talk | 2014

Resiliency, Design and Creative Placemaking
Laetitia Wolff, AIGA/NY Design/Relief
Talk | 2014

Building Communities
Allie Mahler, Center for Social Innovation
Marcos Salazar, Be Social Change
Talk | 2014

Service Design for Public Servants
Lauren Currie, Snook
Talk | 2014

Anthropology at Work
Robin Nagle, NYU
Talk | 2013

Innovation in Local Civic Services
NYC Civil Servants
Talk | 2013

Lonni Tanner, NYC DDC
Jim Biber, Biber Architects
Kris Drury, TYTHEdesign
Talk | 2013

Civic Engagement
Noel Hidalgo, BetaNYC
Dan LaTorre, The Wise City
Talk | 2013

Public-Private Collaboration
Jeff Maki, Control Group
Adam Mansky, Center for Court Innovation
Talk | 2013

Civic Innovation for Public Servants
Chelsea Mauldin, Public Policy Lab
Talk | 2013